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Brown Ghee (Full - boiled): ( Caramelized Ghee )

Full boiled brown ghee in other words caramelized ghee is manufactured by allowing the case in content of the butter/cream to roast at high temperatures (126 degrees centigrade) to give it a very strong flavour. It can be manufactured by both buffalo and cow cream/butter. It is typically manufactured for the south Indian population and is widely used only in this geographic segment. It is brown in colour with good granularity and a pleasant strong flavour. This variety of ghee is typically used as a direct flavouring on foods and not as a cooking medium.

(Foil Pillow Packing)
20 ml 20 ml Brown Ghee (Full - boiled)
50 ml 50 ml Brown Ghee (Full - boiled)
100 ml 100 ml Brown Ghee (Full - boiled)
200 ml 200 ml Brown Ghee (Full - boiled)
1/2 ltr 500 ml Brown Ghee (Full - boiled)
1 ltr 1000 ml Brown Ghee (Full - boiled)
15 Kg (Tin) 15 Kg Brown Ghee (Full - boiled)


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